Place to visit Darjeeling

Darjeeling is crowned as one of the exotic hill stations in India and is awarded the title of “World Heritage Site”,
helding it’s held high at the height of 6710 ft., it rests peacefully on the Siwalik hills, comprising the lower range
of the mighty Himalayas.

“Darjeeling” :The tibetian name meaning “The land of thunder volt”, spreading it’s wings at 88*53′ to 87*59′ east longitude
and 27*13′ to 226*27′ north latitude,
the town of Darjeeling acts as a headQuarters of the Darjeeling district, having an area of approx 3149 sq kms.

Numerous tourists all over the globe ,come here to pay a visit to the Lovely hills and natural beauty of darjeeling,
it has the world famous “Darjeeling railway Station”, comprising of eloquent toy trains ,established during
the Colonial rule of British in India.

Darjeeling , not only known for its natural beauty but, it has world class classic – Darjeeling tea, exported to the entire globe.
The darjeeling Himalayan range acts as a frontier to India, close to bhutan and china and Nepal.

Come visit Darjeeling, the most exotic place on this globe.


1. February to march
2. September to October


1. Himalayan Range
2. Mahakal Dham
3. Batasia Loop
4. Japanese Temple
5. Lama Hatta Park
6. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute
7. Takda Orchid farmhouse
8. Rock Garden.
9. Chatak pur.
10. Ganga maya
11. Dobai pani and many more….


1. Darjeeling cultural and tourism festival: held every year during the month of October or November, over a week.
2. Durga Puja:
Dasai and Diwali, The festival of light is known as “Tihar” locally, enthusiastically enjoyed by the locals.
3. Darjeeling Orange Festival: celebrated in the month of November and December, featuring Western Rock Band and other forms of the genre, Local bands and lasts for 10 days usually.
4. New Year and Christmas.
5. Lohsar in the month of February and March.


1. English and Nepali ( chiefly spoken )
2. Lepcha, Bhutia, Hindi, and all other languages.


1. Rock climbing
2. Trekking
3. Bike Rides
4. Paragliding and many more……

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  1. We visited Darjeeling in a group of 36 members. It is fantastic. A life time experience for me. We had so much fun

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